Thursday, December 7, 2017

Oct/Nov Sending Seven Newsletter

October/November Sending Seven Newsletter

Joyous Malawi

From church buildings, pastoral training, and 
Women's gatherings, this 
rapidly growing church body emphasizes the 
joy of stewardship to help their church 
tell others about Christ.   

Thank you from the Wolf Pack

September Sending Seven Newsletter

September Sending Seven Newsletter


A humble start and long-term commitment in a 
few small villages, now 30 years later has 
influenced the growth of the church in 
eight different west African countries.    

Thank you from the Wolf Pack
August Sending Seven Newsletter

Bienvenue au Burkina Faso
...which in French means "Welcome to Burkina Faso

Ever wonder about mission activities 
in French-speaking west Africa?  

Thank you from the Wolf Pack

July Sending Seven Newsletter

July Sending Seven Newsletter

God's Work in Ghana

July was John's first trip to western Africa and a chance to visit our LCMS missionaries and projects in that area.  

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Thank you from the Wolf Pack

Sunday, July 16, 2017

June Sending Seven Newsletter

Carried by Christ

Mission life is full of blessings and challenges- throughout it all, God takes care of us.

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Thank you from the Wolf Pack

Monday, December 26, 2016

December Newsletter 2016

Christmas Greetings from Nairobi!!! This is our First Christmas here, and so far it has been lovely!

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Blessed Christmas Season to you and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Studying Spiritism and Animism at Continuing Education

"Try as they might, the prophets of Baal could not do enough to make their god burn their sacrifice, but when called upon by Elijah, the True God showed his soverienty above all gods." 1 Kings 18

In September our continuing education for East Africa was Spiritism and Animism. It was a blessing to have Dr Kou and Mrs MeiKou Seying from Concordia Seminary, St Louis, Missouri. DrKou reminded us how God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, creator of all things is above all gods and only He can bring true peace, freedom, forgiveness, eternal life, and purpose (within our vocations) because of Christ's sacrifice on the cross for us, to defeat sin, death, and the devil for us. He taught us about how many people who believe in spiritism or animism live in fear of consequences of all their actions. As missionaries, these are things we will run into regularly as we partner with the Lutheran Churches in Africa to share the peace giving Gospel of Christ crucified for all our sins. 

Our training took place in the mountains north of Nairobi and we were greatly blessed and encouraged to meet with all the other missionaries in the East Africa Area Team. It was definitely a time of learning, but also of fellowship and friendship building. We even got to see a couple wild animals around the grounds. 

Before returning to Tanzania to language training we were again blessed to be able to stay in our house, on the floor, but it was HOME, for a couple nights! We even made pancakes on our nit completely installed stove. 

Upon our return to Tanzania our teacher shared some of his observations about spiritism in this area. Tanzania has a very rich culture and history with quite the mix of Christians, Muslims and traditional religions. Many people, even those who proclaim Christ will turn to witchdoctors to appease the ancestors spirits, the work of the Church is great!

We are thankful for the teaching we are receivig here!

I have MORE pictures! Can NOT get my little phone to cooperate! Patience as I work on it please!

This is Dr and Mrs Kou Seying at our Sunday Worship Service. 

This is the kids with their VBS leaders fromFlorida

Thursday, May 26, 2016

May Newsletter

We are SO very close to being able to deploy! If you haven't already, or your church is not already, please prayerfully consider supporting us. We need right around 10% more of our budget by the end of May to get a green light to deploy. Even $10/Month is a tremendous aid to our ability to do the work of Project Manage in Africa!

Here's the link to our latest newsletter. We hope you enjoy it, please print it out and share as you are able.

In Christ
The Wolf Pack

Friday, April 29, 2016

April Newsletter!

Here is our April Newsletter! Please feel free to print/share/copy/distribute!!!!

The Wolf Pack!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

So, When are you leaving for Kenya????

We get this question daily. Sometimes it's from family, some times friends, sometimes members of the congregations we visit. Most of the time it is one of the Tweedles who then rush off to start packing their carry on, regardless of the answer (although at least once a week Sean asks). They keep us entertained!

Anyway, I don't actually mind being asked when we will leave - it's nice to remember that we WILL leave. OK, when I've been asked by one of the kids for the 3rd time in a day I get tired of the question, but everyone else is fine. I don't mind having people ask, I doubt most of them are anxiously awaiting our moving all the way across the world (well, if they can't wait to get rid of us, they've politely not told me!). I love it that people are thinking of us, and also praying for us. Being asked if we have a date yet is wonderful because it means we've been remembered.

Support building is a kind of Limbo. And, of all the missionaries that went through training with us, there are only three families still in the States. All our fellow missionaries to East Africa left in January and now have terribly sporadic internet so it's been isolating for us. Having people send notes to ask when we leave is simply lovely because we are remembered and we thank you.

So, to answer the question burning in your mind since you read the title of this post... When are we leaving? We don't know yet. Last we heard we were at 88% of the just under $250,000 operating budget we need to raise. We were hoping for sometime in May, but as we have yet to get a green light, that's looking less likely as time passes. Thankfully, the house we are renting while we're in transition has let us continue on as a month to month rental so we do have a place to live. We continue to pray for God's perfect timing. We continue to teach the children to practice patience. We work to enjoy the here and now of living in a town that we chose (not one the Air Force sent us to) and we love being in Wyoming!

Pray for us. Pray that the support we still need comes in! Pray that John continues to get the appointments and visits that we need and that the congregations we have visited decide to partner with us (no matter how small - it adds up!) Pray that we can get a green light soon so we can really get packing! And please pray that the kids limit asking when we'll leave to once every OTHER day! :) :) :)